Arduino Workshop

2nd Year L.2 - Arduino Workshop


As this teams unit is based on interactive art in our second lecture we were in introduced into a piece of tech called an 'Arduino'. An Arduino is a piece of open-source computer hardware created by two university students from Italy. We can use Arduino to create devices and interactive pieces of work as it allows to add senses and control objects.


In this lecture, we're shown a few examples of creators work using the Arduino. Here are a few examples:

"The Treachery of Sanctuary" by Chris Milk 

"Mega Faces" by Asif Khan 


We were also told about 'The Maker Movement' a term used to describe inventors, DYI, Hackers, open-source designers, and tinkerers. As the Arduino opened up so many opportunities for this movement.

After we were told about the Arduino we had a small workshop on the basics of how to use one. In which we were given a kit with some instructions on how to program some basic interactions. Here are some image of me and James Pang work on some the interactions:

Harry Wilson