An Introduction To Interaction Design

An Introduction To Interaction Design

Week 1 - Wednesday 4th October

The practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services.

In our first lecture after summer, we were briefly told are brief and has an introduction to Interaction Design. Interaction design is a design that we can interact with via movement, sound, touch etc... The main principles being; the need, users, technologies, and design. 

The Needs:

The needs of interaction design that you have to have a clear goal, understand the issues you are trying to resolve via your work, the context, how it will compare to other alternatives and last of all you need to have strong research to back your ideas. 


When creating a piece of interactive design you need to understand the users, such as; who your audience is and how they will behave toward your work. Also, research-wise it good to get an understanding of your user via simply talking to them or creating surveys.


Think about what devices/platforms or products it will be used on and what software and hardware you will use to create it. Ask your self "How do the audience use it?" "Whats available?" What is unexpected?"


The main aspect that is going to attract the users is the design. So it important not to ignore what it's going to look like and only focus on the interaction. There are two main types of user interactions UX  (user experience) and UI (user interface). UX is mostly about how the user can interact with the piece and UI being the design aspect.  



Harry Wilson