David Hunter - Guest Speaker

David Hunter

Guest Speaker.

On the 12th of October David Hunter a designer, Coder, research and educator at Ravensbourne came in show us some of his work and some of the things you can create with an Arduino, leading on from our workshops.

Here are some examples of his work:


After showing us some of his work and tell us a bit about the process behind them, he gave us a few tips; "Make sure you work still looks good if it failed" and "Think about the space, the lighting, amount of people, the visibility". Basically suggesting that you should think about more than just the design of the product and more about its environment. 

To finish off he gave us a mini-workshop on Void draw using the Arduino. Where we learnt how to use them dimmer dial to control a flashing led and use it to adapt basic graphics on screen. 

Harry Wilson