Creative Collaboration - Development 

C14202 17-18 Creative Collaboration Year 2

Creative Collaboration.



After de-briefing and thinking of some initial ideas. We selected our 3 best ideas from the 4 being; 5-minute rush, Monument rush and Routine rush. But, for 5-minute rush, we changed the ideas slightly and it became a challenge in which you would set your office mate challenges to compete with the office, which we named Fling. With our selected 3 concepts we started to develop them. For this, we firstly for each idea outlined the Business, Market, Audience, why true? and explained the concept with a circle. This helped us to figure out if the idea would be successful and relevant.


So after the idealisation process of this project Shelter returned for us to pitch our 3 ideas to them. For this, we had to print each concept on a sheet of A2 (being the images above) and lay them on a table so that the 4 team members from Shelter could see each concept in its current form. In the pitch, we had to pitch each concept to them and answer any questions that they had. This went very well and we receive some very beneficial feedback. These are some of the points that were made:

How can the idea be translated into 1 simple sentence? 
What is the user signing up for? (One-off or series of sponsored activities)
Is it a challenge? 
Does it fit the shelter brand (or Rush - the sub-brand)

After the feedback back they told us what was their favourite idea. Which was skyline. 


Harry Wilson