Creative Collaboration - De-brief

C14202 17-18 Creative Collaboration Year 2

Creative Collaboration.


For the creative collaboration unit of our 2nd year, we were set a live brief from Shelter. Who came in to introduce us to the brief. In this talk, they explained the brief in which they wanted us to create a fitness challenge. Targeted at females between the age of 20-30 and corporate business. For this brief, we had a budget of 20k that we had to make a promotion and budget plan with as part of the deliverables for this project. But, we also find a way of spending the money that was relevant and interesting to make it 'Newes worthy'. There were a few other key points of the requirement for this brief such as the user would have to be able to complete the challenge anywhere anyplace and it had to have some relevance to their other challenges. Apart from those main things that left it to use to decide what we created, whether that be an app, a website long as it fitted there brand guild lines that they had provided us with.

For this project, we were put in groups of 4. So to insulate this project we were asked to find out a few thing about each other being our strengths and weaknesses and some interesting about our selfs. From this we assigned each other roles being:

Myself - Lead Designer

Sam - Project Manager

Anika - Graphic Designer/ Research

Lauren - Copywriter/ Research

After we assigned each there roles we began to de-brief and start researching. So for this, we began by finding insights and put them in the centre of a piece of paper and put idea around them:

From this we came up with 4 main ideas being:

Radius Rush

  • Within a mile radius of your geographic location
  • Tells you what kind of exercises/ miles you can do within your radius

5 Minute Rush

  • Small daily hat challenges, that last 30 seconds that are scheduled

Monument Rush 

  • Chose an iconic landmark in the UK and clime or diverse the distance

Routine Rush

  • Integrated challenges within your daily routine


Harry Wilson