Creative Collaboration - Skyline Development 

C14202 17-18 Creative Collaboration Year 2

Creative Collaboration.

Skyline Development: 

So once Shelter had picked Skyline we begin to Develop it further. To do this we first created a list of tasks that we needed to compete next, being creating a basic user journey of the app, a promotion plan and a budget plan as well some smaller tasks. Once we had this list we assigned different task to each of us we each started to work on these tasks. For this, with me being the lead designer I started to take the basic UI designs that I did for the initial pitch into Sketch again to further develop it. Whilst doing this we had a workshop in which we had to use post-it notes on a blank piece of paper and draw out the UX from start to finish so that we had something to refer to when developing the UI/UX of our apps. I found this extremely useful as it allowed us to create a more refined structure for the UI/UX. After doing so we were given a4 mobile template sheet to translate what we had written on the post-its into visuals. But because our group were pretty ahead at this point, we had already designed to the basic UI. So I used this task to double check that everything would work as intended, by drawing out what we had designed so far and making links.

After that task, we had realised that there were a quite a few changes that need to be made to make the UX of the app work. So I opened the Sketch document and begin to make these changes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.38.31.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.45.38.png

In the current UI design, there was quite a few placeholder that we intended to fill with Icons. So while I was work on the UI the rest of the team started to design more of icons referencing to the ones I had already made. Then once the icon had been made I later refined them to make them more consistent. Whiles add some colour as well.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 11.56.06.png

Now that we had a completed UI I started to bring the designs into After Effects to begin combining all the screens into UX user journey. I did by taking the screens from Sketch in to after effect that then animated sections to make it all flow into each other. Also, I added movement to elements such as the icon to make it more engaging. 

Once I animated the UI I began to make it 'pitch ready' by refining it more and adding it to a mock-up as well as adding a voice over as well, this was the end product: 

PASSWORD: teampablo 

The Skyline Pitch:


Personal report - Harry Wilson


To begin this personal report, I have learnt a considerable amount from this project. This has mostly been regarding my collaboration skills with others. As I am quite an independent worker normally, so this project has put me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to learn how to work better as a team and how to take a stronger role in a project. As well, as having a better ability to set tasks to others to ease my workload.


For this project, I was assigned the role of lead designer, which was agreed upon as I have a vast knowledge of design in general as well as UI/UX design. With this being particularly important in this project. I also work as a lead designer for an online network so I have a very strong understanding of what this role involves and of what is expected from a lead designer.


As the lead designer, I had quite a large responsibility as well as quite a considerable workload. Being in charge of sub-roles such a motion graphic designer and the UI/ UX designer. To ease this workload I created an initial art style so I could assign tasks to other team members. An example of this is for our final concept being the Skyline app where for the UI we needed quite a few icons made, as the whole concept of the app was for the user to collect monuments (being icons) to complete skylines. So I started the process of creating this icon set by creating a few icons and then I handed off this task to everyone else in the team. This worked quite well but it did create some inconsistencies that I had to later resolve as not everyone had the same intention or skill levels. This happened consistently throughout the project and was probably one of biggest problems we were faced with and was pointed out in our dummy pitch. I found this particularly difficult as after realising this I feel that other team member should have stuck to there set roles. This is also because everyone spent a considerable amount of time on creative, instead of work another aspect of the project. Such as the budget and promotion plan which was left a bit last minute and I felt this affected the overall constancy the project.  


But, an example of successful collaboration was working with Sam figuring out issues with the UX of the app. This was an area that the group thrived in, as from the offset we worked through a very clear and efficient workflow. That was created from workshops throughout the project as well as the knowledge I have gained from past experience in user experience and interface design. This essentially consisted of drafting out the screen is somewhat backwards manner, where I designed the screen from the list of requirements of the app made by the team but then after I went back to drawing the screen out by hand as an exercise to double check that everything would work as intended. I found this exercise very beneficial, as it outlined areas that had been missed. So from this, we learnt that it would be extremely beneficial to print off the app in a storyboard layout which allowed everyone to annotated the screen and collaboratively find any issues and resolve them. Which, we did constantly throughout the project which helped to resolve a lot of issues we had.


Another aspect of collaboration with others that I have improved in a consequence of this project. Is my communication skills within the group because of being allocated a somewhat of a leadership role this took me out of my comfort zone. With having to make sure my communication was clear when collaborating with the other team members. But, I felt that I found this particularly easy with the project because of the overall team creative energy was very strong thus make it easier to collaborate. But, I still think this something I still need to improve on so that I feel more in control when handing the task off to others.


As an overall reflection on how we work as a team. I think the teamwork generally worked very well together again because of the overall creative energy and how organised we were. This because of from the offset we set internal deadlines but listing out all the tasks that needed to be completed and then assigning tasks to our set roles. Thus allowing us to work efficiently and be confident that we were going to achieve everything when we needed it to be done by a set date. But, something that I think we lacked in was our presentation skills as in both our initial pitches and the final pitch to Shelter we made a few mistakes with what was said by certain team members particularly and we all lacked confidence making the pitches quite sporadic. This is something that I have always struggled with as I am not the most confident but even know we did make mistakes I felt that I learnt a lot about how to better my presentation skills from this project.


For the independent peer review i will start with Sam. As a review of Sam’s overall performance in this project, I would give him a solid 5-star rating. Sam role for this project was the project manager, which I feel he performed extremely well in with what was expected of him for this role. Where he excelled is probably in keeping the team in control of what we need to complete and by how well he would constantly be checking individually on how we were doing and if we need help with anything. As well he was always keen to take on roles/ tasks where needed.


In the review of Anika’s performance, I would give her a rating of 4/5. Anika’s initial set role was to be the graphic designer essentially assisting me in creating designs for the project. Which, she performed well in apart from her work being slightly inconsistent to what I was designing but this was not necessarily her fault as she lacks experience in compassion to mine. As well as being the graphic designer she took on a lot of another small task that was extremely beneficial to allow the team to meet deadlines.


In a review of Lauren’s performance, I would give her a rating of 3/5. This is because of her lack of attendance and drives to complete tasks set by Sam. At the start, Lauren worked well to internal deadlines and contributed a lot towards the project this started to wear off as we progressed through the project. But, some sack can be given because of unforeseen circumstances.


In conclusion, I learnt a lot from this project and felt that it benefited me in taking me out of my comfort zone and tort me a lot about how to improve my teamwork skills. But, unfortunately, towards the end of the project, I felt that the team probably could have worked a bit better towards the end as I feel the workload spread was not consistent between each team member leading me to become very stressed about completing the remaining tasks that were mostly directed at me.




Harry Wilson