PASSWORD: londoners

What have I learnt from this project?

I have very much enjoyed the process of this project and I've have learnt a lot from it also. This project has mostly allowed me to improve my skills within after effect as half of the video are made up of a sequence of motion graphics. These skills involve learning to use the tools such as the repeater and a selection of tools to help create a distorted effect e.g. VHS effect. It has also allowed me to improve my editing skills and learn things that I haven't tried before, for example, creating a custom transition going from a wide track shot of a road with a building in the distance to a close-up of the same building via a key framing the scale and position of clips to track through the bridge to the building.

Changes we made

The biggest change we made that made a significant change to the project was the sound. For the offset we chose a track by Low Steppa we originally chose this song as it had a steady progression at the start which we intended to overlay a voice over but this ended up not working as well as we hoped as the voice over was not clear over the music, also when we added the Brixton footage it did not fitthe song. So we decided to change it to a liquid drum and bass song by 1991 called 'Pornography'. When applying this song it fitted perfectly with only minor changes needing to be made.

What worked well?

I think the thing that made this project work so well was the way that myself and James Pang work together. As we both a have a very simal work effect and we were able to easily run ideas off each other. As well are skill sets allowed us to divide to work between us this had a significant effect on the speed of our workflow, especially when creating the motion graphics.

'A Love Story'

Produced by Harry Wilson & James Pang




Harry Wilson