John West - Re-Brand

For this brief, we were required to redesign an existing brand. This including the two variations of a new logo one with text and one without, as well as packaging for the brand’s product. When redesigning the brand we were asked to particularly actively considers the brand’s product environment(s) that the product will be sold in and consider how your logo and packaging fits that sales environment. The brief also indicated that you could consider whether your product is seasonal (ie Christmas, Easter products, valentine’s products).

For my brand of choice, I have gone for John West ‘the tinned tuna brand’. I have chosen John West for a few reasons first I thought the current packaging was quite dated and needed refreshing to something more modern and current, that was clean and stood out in the supermarket environment. Currently the John West brand Identity it made up of a san serif logotype with a swirl of fish related illustrations on a green gradient. This branding is continued throughout their packaging line with extra elements added such as images and color to represent different types of fish. 

Ones I had collected all my references I started to develop the logo. To do this I started by picking elements from my references that I liked such the waves in the ‘Lost at sea’ Graphic and the overall style of the ‘Paloma’ branding. Once I had done that I used those elements to produces my own forms in a similar style. After creating some logo forms I typed out ‘John West’ and duplicated that layer multiple times applying a different font to each to find a font that would work with the forms I had created. Combining this I created three variations. With the third in my opinion being the most successful, but I planned to take elements from the others when creating packaging.

Now that I had my logo created I moved on to creating the packaging. But, when creating the packaging I tried to make my second logo variations work, as from feedback I had received the 3rd logo did not resemble fish as well as the others. So I deconstructed that logo and made it into the face of packaging. Arranging the composition to look like the circle was the sun and it was setting in the sea. This worked but I still wasn’t happy with the logo and wanted to use the 3rd variation so I rearranged the elements of that packaging to fit the 3rd logo. Creating this 3rd variation which I was very happy with and ending up going with it. I then developed this in to a packshot, by making pouch packaging using a photoshop mock up and then rearranging the elements from the previous packaging to fit.

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