Love and Hate

Love and Hate - Mini Task

Campaign Development

For a mini talk for campaign development brief, we were asked to find one video we hate and one that we love. As well as high trending video('s). For this I chose:

Samsung - One pen, infinite possibilities - An AD by Vallee Duhamel for Samsung's new flagship phone at the time. The Note 4. I chose this ad the one I 'love' because of the creativity behind it and how it has seamlessly been put together. [OFFICIAL] TV Advert - Taxi Mortgages - An AD by I chose this ad the one I 'Hate' because it is famous for being hated by the consumer because if it just being simply annoying to watch. 

SNOWBOARDING WITH THE NYPD - I chose this video by Casey Neistat as my chosen viral video. For this video a famous current youtube Casey Neistat has created a video of him and his friends skiing and snowboarding though New York City. This video as gain virility because firstly Casey has a large pre established  audience and also the radically of him and his friends snowboarding and skiing though New York is very entertaining to watch and will attract viewers very easily.

Harry Wilson