360 Campaigns & Integrated Campaign - The illy Effect

360 Campaigns & Integrated Campaign - The illy Effect

For this brief, We have been asked to create an integrated campaign for the launch of a new food product. This required us to produce a creative idea that can be used in at least 3 media channels (digital, press, poster). In doing so we will develop a more subtle understanding of what creative assets can achieve and how those assets perform in chosen media channels.

For this, I have chosen Illy coffee as my chosen brand. I have chosen Illy as I wanted to create a campaign based on a coffee brand as there is a lot of possibilities for drinks based campaigns but most are for energy drinks and alcoholic drinks, there are not that many coffee campaigns that have been produced.

After choosing my brand I explored the brand attributes and values. For the brand attributes for Illy, I stated that Illy is an Italian coffee roasting company that specializes in the production of espresso, established Trieste, Italy. Blended from Arabica beans from multiple sources. Producing packaged whole beans, pre-ground coffee,  espresso pods, and capsules. Then for the brand values, I have stated that illy coffee is clean, modern, had a mixture of traditional and modern style design and coherent Italian style. 

Ones I had collected all my research, I started the creative process by collecting references of other coffee campaigns from this developing 3 ideas for my integrated campaign. This first being 'coffee to fuel the daily grind of a creative'. Where I would Film the routine of a creatives morning of grinding, brewing and consuming the coffee leading him to a successful day’s work. Filmed in a studio like space with the object of the routine placed in order along the desk. Happ’illy’ fuel your day. Secondly, a motion graphics piece suggesting that 'there is more to coffee'  showing the production of coffee and the benefits that coffee can do for you. Then for my third idea A series of 3 cinemographs related to coffee i.e. beans falling, latte art being formed or the pouring of the coffee.

I then developed these three ideas into visual concepts. Starting with the coffee to fuel the daily grind of a creative but from feedback changing the concept name to 'The illy effect'. To develop this into a visual concept I made a basic vector illustration in illustrator, visually showing the stages of the production of a creatives start to the creative daily grind. Starting with grinding the beans, to brewing the coffee, steaming the milk, combining, drinking leading to creating the work. This would then be refined and developed into a continuous real image animation (Cinemagraph). After creating the visual concept I chose the 3 media channels I was going to use. The first media channel I would use is Instagram Taking advantage of Instagram’s looping video integration and motion graphics pieces showing the production of ‘The Illy Effect’. Starting with the shot illustrated on the right and going from left to right showing the process leading to that illustration being produced on the screen. Then I would make it slowing track into the screen where as soon as the graphic has been produced the motion graphics will repeat creating this continuous illusion. Then for my second media channel, I would create an interactive web page using the same visuals as on Instagram but the consumer will have to make the process work like games. Such as clicking the Illy buttons to make the coffee grinder and coffee machine work. Then for the final media channel, I would use a digital billboard above a coffee shop intending that it is creating ‘The Illy effect’ for the coffee shop. So instead of it ‘powering’ the creative process it powering the shop. 

For my second concept 'The Illy Benefits'  a Motion graphics pieces showing the production of coffee and the benefits what coffee can do for you. I drew out a storyboard for the video showing the process of coffee from growth to consuming. Then leading on sequences showing the benefits of coffee. For the 3 media channels, I have selected Instagram, web, and Twitter. For Instagram, A one minute video explaining the production of Illy coffee and it benefits for you. For web A longer version that is more in-depth than the Instagram video. For Twitter, I would advertise it as an awareness campaign. 

Finally, for my third concept, I referenced the image of the milk being combined into coffee into a cup. From this developing this into the idea of a having a sires of cinemographs, of the different coffee processes. Presenting this via Instagram, billboard and iterative posters in coffee shops. 

Ones I had created all my visual concepts, I selected I idea that I thought has the most potential. For this choosing my first concept 'The Illy effect" as It was the most original idea out of my three ideas and I also thought It had the most potential to be successful. Ones I have chosen that concepts I developed the concepts via the 3 media channels and created mock-ups (as seen in deck) 

360 Campaigns & Integrated Campaign - The illy Effect

Harry Wilson