Innovation as communication

Innovation as communication - Campaign Development

Digital Advertising and Design.

For the third part of our current brief for campaign development, we were asked to create a 1-minut Kickstarter-style video hosted on youtube. For this, we were asked to engage in primary and secondary research on a topic provided, by analysing, understand and appreciating the topic. Then identify a product or service that will tap into this topic and create a 1-minute long Kickstarter-style video hosted on youtube.

For this brief we were firstly split into large groups of about 5-8 people per group, this was the first time we had been split into such large groups. Which would allow us to enhance our skills in working as a team and working to your given role. Which we would later have to assess each other on. Once we were split into groups we were given our topic, The Housing Crisis. So he began by splitting our large group into different roles:

Research: Banke and Toby

Strategy + Planning: James and Nick

Admin and Project Manager: Callum

Design: Jamie and Harry (my-self)

We set these role's to fit our each other knowledge. My role for this project was lead design as I this a role I feel very confutable with as I've had 4 years of design-related education and I have also completed 2 internships and two different deign studio. As well I'm currently working as Co-Founder and Lead Design for a new online network so I know what the role involves. I would be working alongside Jamie how had also be allocated a design role.

To begin the creative process of creating this 1-minute video we each created a visual concept (as shown below) which we later printed and laid them out onto the table were working on and our lectures then reviewed and assessed them, selecting the top two ideas. Being the 'Tinned like sardines' concept and 'The urban village'. Which they wanted to use to find a way to combine the two together.

After receiving the feedback we placed the two concepts on a large piece of paper and each took a different colour pen to resemble each our roles. Then we all drew a branch off of the concept and started to write down ideas of what we could do develop the ideas further. Some of the points that can up were tonnes of voice, design style ext.. 

Once we had all written our ideas down we decided on a final concept being 'The Urban Village' as we tried to integrate the sardine tin but It wasn't feasible and won't be as visually appealing as the containers. So we started to develop a storyboard of the visually showing the narrative of our video (shown bellow). We then realised that we were going to have to record a voiceover for the video, so we wrote up a script for this that related to each slide on the storyboard. Then recorded the voice over using a Zoom mic in a quiet space. 

Now that we had the story outlined and planned me and Jamie started to develop graphic with I later animated in After effects. 

The final video:

Harry Wilson