Self Initiated Project - Viral video

Self Initiated Project - Viral video

For Industry Engagement we were set the brief of getting yourself noticed and followed on social media via, building an online presence that attracts an audience and has visitors and followers. For this creating a piece of worked intended to grab attention and trends of social media. We were encouraged to be as creative at possible and push ourselves out of our comfort zone as well as enhance our understanding of trends and themes of the creative advertising industry. 

For this brief were asked to get yourself into groups of up to 3 people, for which I chose James Pang as we have worked together in the past and we work extremely well together. With his ability of think of ideas and my creative skill, it worked out to be the perfect combination. But little did we know how hard this brief was going to be and was defiantly that hardest out of the briefs we had been set this term. This is because coming up with a viral video on the spot is an extremely difficult thing to do. As CaseyNeistat Said in the 'behind the scenes' of his viral 'Gold Apple Watch' video "The first thing that brands ask is, can you make us a viral video? The answer is no, I can make you a really good video that maybe will go viral video but I can't make a viral video" but leads on to saying "but every once and a while the moons align with Pluto and there is a circumstance where there is ripe opportunity of making a video with a very high probability of going viral" basically suggesting that ideas for viral videos don't come to you, there has to be an opportunity.

So from this, we really struggled to think of anything. At the beginning of uni, we made a video that court a lot of attention of our established Facebook audience where we took a clip from Thomas The Tank Engine and re-mixed it with bass line music, which worked well. So you thought we might try and make something similar but we then though this wasn't very original and had been done loads before. So we wanted to make something 'new', we then came up with the idea of filming people in London and overlay it with a voice over of what there actually thinking in their head being the pole opposite of what they were actually thinking. So we brought this idea to the table for our tutor to review. We were instantly shut down because of the legalities of the idea, where it is illegal to film someone without their consent.

So we went back to the 'drawing board' and came up with the idea of remixing current viral videos with a political twist. As the election was coming up so there was as Casey said a "Ripe opportunity" as the timing was right to maximise the attentions of the young demographic. As were we're using viral videos that we the young demographic find funny already and putting a political twist on it.

So it was finally time to execute the idea so we found a viral video being a video of a small girl being dragged into the water by a seal. Then to add the political twist to it I motion tracked Uk party leaders and members heads onto different characters in the video. James came up with the idea of "putting Theresa Mays face onto the little girl then Jeremy Corbyn on the seal, to show our audience The Real Labour vs Tories. A joking way of showing an accurate representation of how the run-up to the election is going, with Corbyn leading the front". Once we had motion tracked this we then added the final touch of adding the song 'Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre' selecting the lyrics 'Mysterious Girl I want to get close to you' which just an extra comedy element to the overall video.

The Deck for this project:

Harry Wilson