Dave Birss - Industry Engagement

David Birss - Industry Engagement

19th May

On Friday the 19th of May we had the privilege of having David Birss a professional speaker who travels the world giving talks to the creative industry. He spoke to use about his whole journey progressing through his career as well as giving us loads of 'kick ass' advise.

How to be a kick ass creative:

As part of Daves talk, he had a section on kick ass creative advice which was some of the best advice I have ever been given so far in my creative path. He started off by saying we should be contently dissecting adverts and to never stop feeding your mind with new things such as teaching yourself new techniques. He then when on to talk about how creativity applies to your thinking in the prosses of understanding how the mind and creativity works. He said a way of doing this is to think of it an input, a process then output but you should mainly concentrate on the input as the idea is key to success "the idea is the most important you can't polish a turd. Also if you have multiple ideas try and find a way of combining those ideas to create a fresh idea. Leading one for this he talked about minimalism and how you should always de-clutter "remove the shit" to enhance the final execution. He then gave us some advice on finding ideas, he said "Google don't look here for your ideas, 80% of clicks on Google the first two links on the 1st page. Ideas should come from human insight, not Google" which I found partially interesting as I'm currently working on a new online network that should resolve this. 

After talking about the process of think he went on to talking about showing passion in what you do if you don't enjoy it move on and to away express your opinion, you opinions are always valuable and don't be put off express them. As well you should always ask for advice on your work and how to improve it, ask for criticism if you can, you get a lot more out of this. If you're working with people who can make your ideas bigger it is one of the most valuable resources.  Another valuable resource to learn is how to present an idea, learn how to sell, be able to articulate your ideas and educate others with your knowledge "teach the client what this new stuff is". 

To end he made the point of finding the best way to get things done is key. Which was the point that I could relate to the most and lead me to evaluate my creative process and find ways to improve it? 


Harry Wilson