Industry Engagement Report

Industry Engagement Report

Harry Wilson

If I was going to summarise this term in one word, it would be hectic. For this term, we were set 3 large briefs which contain ‘smaller’ briefs within. For example, for campaign development, we were set 3 mordantly large tasks within the brief. Which compared to the last term this was a significant rise in workload, this came as a shock to me at first but I quickly came to the realisation why we had been set so much work at ones. This is because this what would be expected of you in the industry and the previous two terms were almost there to gain the skills needed for the term and to ease us in. 

Industry engagement the term was made up of; weekly industry talks from a range of different areas of the creative advertising industry, industry workshop and a self-initiated project.

For one of the industry engagement talks, we were luckily enough to have Alex Towers who worked as part of the marketing team for Ticket Master. He spoke to us about how he progressed to where he is now working on Ticket Master, giving use advice though out his talk such as “luck doesn’t suddenly appear, ride it you will enjoy it” when he was talking about the start of his career he was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work for NME. Another piece of advice he gave us “you can do something you love but you should do 

something that is out of your comfort zone, your end up learning a lot more from it” leading on him saying how he didn’t enjoy his time working Sony, another brand that has been a part of in his career. The last piece of advice we gave us was to travel “you’re not going to remember a pay rise on a new job on your death but you will remember the experiences you had travelling.

Another Industry talk we had was from David Birss, this was honestly one the best and most valuable lectures I have ever attended. First of all, we were so lucky to even have a chance to have him come and do a talk for use for free, as he travels the world giving talks to the creative industry. The reason from this for this being probably the best lecture I’ve ever attended is because of the amount of ‘kick ass’ advice he gave us. Such as how you should always be feeding your brain with new things and how to process that information. Then he told use to all way de-clutter whenever possible as this will enhance the final execution. After talking to us about the process of consuming, processing and outputting information, he talked about how you should always express your opinion and work with people that can give you critical feedback. “If you’re working with people who can make your ideas bigger it is ones of the most valuable resources”. To end his talk he spoke about finding the best way for you to work is the key to success in any creative industry, which made me re-evaluate my own creative process and find ways for me to improve it. As I’m already that the stage in my life where I have to juggle at a lot of thing at ones, working as a co-founder and lead designer for a new online network, doing freelance work as well as uni work. So it is vital that I get my workflow to the point of perfection that works for me. I found all the industry talks extremely beneficial and learnt a lot from them that I can I apply to my own work in and outside of university to further enhance it.

Moving on the from industry talks we had workshops each week in which we learnt a range of techniques and about different sectors of the industry. Such as account management in which we learnt about what account management is, how to define sense of self, the best skills to have, the pay and requirements. From this, I learnt about the process of account management being creative, suit, planner. As well as what account management involves such as, strategy, bring new solutions that are on brand, leadership, 

building relationships with clients ext.... Also from this learning a selection of top tips being:

1.    Acquire then deploy a range of skills to make things happen.

2.    Think creatively and draw on your diverse talents and skills.

3.    Believe anything is possible if you work hard in pursuit of a creative solution.

4.    Be calm in a crisis, while still being passionately committed to your cause.

5.    Never expect to get the credit but always be prepared to take the responsibility.

Then for the self-initiated project, we got set the brief of creating a viral video to get yourself noticed and followed on social media, as well as grab attention and trends of social media. This was probably one of the most difficult briefs I had ever had to resolve. As in my opinion, a viral video is near to impossible to just make a viral video, as it is a combination of luck and an opportunity arising to make a video that is highly likely to attract a large audience.  

But, I still put my all into it to try and come up with something, working in a group of two really helped with this. As we could collaborate on brainstorming ideas and bounce ideas off each other. To develop an idea we went through quite a large amount of concepts to find one that would work. Before we came up with our final concept of remixing current viral videos with a political twist. That would attract the young demographic and with the election coming up the opportunity was there.  

To summarise, as I said this was the most hectic term of uni so far but at the same time been the most beneficial.

Harry Wilson