Untitled Conference - Reflection and Development


Untitled Conference

Reflection and Development

Introduction to the brief and initial development: 

From returning from our Christmas break we were set our new brief for this term. This being to create an identity and marketing strategy for a conference. This conference's purpose was to invite young people to come and see the diverse amount of opportunity within the emerging areas of creative industry and provide a voice for a new generation of young creatives working in this area. To help young people to make the right decisions for the future of the career in the creative industry. This conference would also be supported by Lecture in progress (It's Nice That’s education platform).


For the first session, Will Hudson director of Lecture in progress came in to talk out Lecture In Progress and introduce us to the brief with our course leader Derek Yates. After the introduction, we were asks to put our self into groups for the project. I chose to be in a group with James Pang and Ollie Kemp. This was because of my experience of working with James in the past I knew that we worked extremely well together and I had seen very strong work from Ollie. After putting our selves into groups of our chose we were tasked with creating some initial ideas for the conference, such as the name and three speakers to talk at the conference. For this be created a list of names that we thought would have relevance to the conference and then picked out favourite being Raw. To reasoning behind this name was the concept that young practitioners we the ingredients of the future of the creative industry. Once we had picked the name we presented to the rest of the group within the class and received feedback on these ideas. From our feedback, we chose to change our name and we were also tasked with creating a tone of voice, attitude and visual language. For this we created OurWavy.

We then presented our new second concept and each group was asked to cast their votes of the concept that they like the best. With the final decision being Untitled, with the concept of a blank canvas.

Development of Untitled:

Now that the final name had been created we were tasked to create an insight, defining statement, visual language, and ideas for marketing material/ strategies. For this, we first created an infographic breaking the task it up into 3 questions being; Who are we targeting? What is our position? and what is our objective? 


This process was very beneficial as it allowed us to gain a greater understanding of the brief and help us to pick the following:

Insight: The Majority of students are unclear with the next step in their creative Careers.

Defining Statement: To invite young people to come and see how diverse and powerful the creative industry is and to help young people make the right decisions about their career path.

Visual Language:

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 13.34.29.png

After we had our insight and defining statement we all started to gather reference on a which we would use to each create design directions. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 13.28.25.png

These were our first Visual Concepts:

Once we had completed what had been asked, we presented our initial ideas. But, on the day of presentation our tutor gave a quick briefing at the start of the day. In which we said he didn’t want something Helvetica lead, which was a problem for us as that was our font of choice. So, we had a quick group discussion and came up with a creative direction of an identity driven by forms and shapes just before we present. The Response from our presentation was very positive and both of our tutor like all 3 of our ideas and were very happy with the way we had presented our work and told us to try and find a way of combining all 3. In response to this we all developed the concepts further. These we some of the results that came from this:

Password: Untitled

My Consepts 
Artboard 2.png

Picking and creating a final design direction:

Coming back from the previous week after setting each other the task of creating a selection of logo each. We laid out our ideas and each gave our feedback and picked our favourite. This being my 'U' form made of from a pipe. Which we created our final creative director from: A dynamic brand identity built using the forms of pipes connoting the directions into the industry. 

So we began to develop this in to a final logo and other branding branding materials:   

Artboard 5 copy.png

Above is the final logo type and a selection of graphics that we could later use for instagram posts. For example I have take the logo and made a pattern from the logotype that connotes the difference connection in the industry. Witch is were we realised that the logo could be used as a building bock to create the rest of the identity.

Preparing for pitch day:

Now that we had decided on our final creative direction we begin for our final pitch witch would be held at It's Nice That. For this pitch we were asked to pitch the following:

1. Insight and creative proposition.

2. Components of visual language.

3. Visual/ mock up of Eventbrite page.

4. Visual/ mock up of Instagram posts (animated GIFs?)

5. Image/ animation/ ad for Facebook and Linkedin.

6. Animated intro/ outro

7. Visual/ mock up of pass/ programme.

8. Animatic/ storyboard of film/ video.

With the first 2 deliverables already competed we began to take our design elements and create a Eventbrite page banner. Both me and James came out with a concept for this. For my attempted I took the pattern that I had created from our logo and made that the background then in a carton like style I made two boxes witch would overlay the background and contain the key info about the event.   

My concept for the Eventbright image 

My concept for the Eventbright image 


 We ended up picking my concept as we felt it fitted our identity better. Then for the Instagram post, we had most of these done already from me experimenting with combing our graphic element with images of the guests that would be speaking at the conference. But, we wanted to create something a bit for engaging so we took the logo and animated it. This could be used for a social post as well as it could have been used in intervals better speakers at the conference. 

In our earlier development, we had created a search device which we had received positive feedback on. But, at the time it did not relate to our other graphic elements but from created this animation we realized that we could use the pipeline to combine our logotype with the device. So we re-did the search animation in our new design style. This became our intro and outro card:

Password: Untitled

Here is a video that summarises the process of creating the brand identity

Harry Wilson