Advertising And Brand Design

The Brief: 

Advertising and Brand Design needs a promotional video to attract potential students for the course. It has to be between 1:00 – 1:30 min. The video will be showcased on Ravensbourne´s website and will be seeded through the channel decided by you.

Our Approach:

or this project we took the approach of finding an insight that we could build of to create a concept for the video. So for this we brainstormed about the the course was for our perspective. Which lead use to find the insight "This is not your average course". As course allows students to investigate such a board range of contemporary adverting and design.

From this we created a few concepts that we later would short list. This concepts being: 

– Montage mash up of media footage w/ empowering copy/script/voiceover (Guardian Style)

– Contrast between a doer and a thinking (apple style)

– Metaphor driven lead copy

– What Is normal (break the routine)

– Making people go WOW 

Which we presented the client to pick the best direction we ended up combining the "What is normal" and "Metaphor driven lead copy" concept. Which was a concept in which we would film a selection of clips that convey different thing about the course and overlay that with metaphor driven copy.


Harry Wilson