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– Churchill Gowns

The Brief:

Design a piece or pieces of content to be shared on a social media platform of your choice which promotes Churchill Gowns to students.

You can create any type of content, for example, it could be an image, video, GIF, meme, illustration etc. but the overall objective is that it engages the target audience of graduating students, raises awareness of the brand and ultimately encourages them to choose Churchill Gowns as their supplier.

Your campaign needs to pick up on one of Churchill Gowns’ unique selling points, outlined above. We have already commissioned a one minute animated video which explains the brand proposition, so we do not need anything like that. We are looking for quirky fun ideas, rather than something too explanatory.

We are leaving it open to you to choose which platform we would share your content on. Currently, we use Facebook.



– Graduation photos are typically boring and used as memories for your parents.

– Although Graduation day is supposed to be stress-free it can still be stressful so why not make light of your graduation day.

– The end of uni should be a time to celebrate so why not celebrate guilt-free with a Churchill gown that is made from recyclable materials.

– Graduates already face a huge amount of debt, so let’s create attractive content to encourage them to shop for a much more affordable outlet.


– We believe that Instagram would be the platform that we would get the most exposure. The ability to tag 

content, as well as tag users and users tag Churchill Gowns means that we would get good interaction

between our posts.

– Instagram is the best place to get exposure without having to exclusively follow our page.


– The content we create isn’t solely limited to Instagram.

– As Facebook and Instagram are the same company our content will fit their layout, therefore making it easy to use our content on either Platform.

– When it comes to targeting network buying, it’s therefore easy to transfer the content over.

The Consept:

#Schools out!

– The idea of the ‘Schools out!’ is to create fun content by captioning graduation images to convey what the real-life conversations and thought are of young adults on their graduation day.

– This concept stemmed from the idea of people doodling in newspapers coming up with thoughts and captions based on what they think the character is truly thinking or how they’re feeling.


– What About After

– When thinking about our idea, we tried to think about a way to keep content rolling after us. 

– One way we came up with, was user-generated content. Graduate students can tag Churchill Gowns in their photos of them to submit their own testimonial picture to the Instagram, to have it featured in the #ChurchillYearbook.

– So not only is the content in continuity with the content we created, but it is original as well as interactive.

Harry Wilson