Thames Skills Academy Brief

– Thames Skills Academy

The Brief:

Create a concept for a campaign that will raise awareness of the range of careers in the Thames maritime industry.


– The Issues

Over the last two decades, Londons skyline has changed dramatically, transport has evolved and from this job opportunities created. With the introduction of landmarks such as the Millennium Dome and transport links such as the Jubilee Line and the Thames Clipper, now more than ever there is a need for trained expert workers along the Thames.

The issue that quickly became apparent is the lack ofdiversity in the jobs along the Thames. The majority of positions being filled by causation males... creates a daunting effect for those in the minority wanting to have a future working along the Thames.

– The Concept

Our concept is based on the older and current generation. Where we’re addressing the stereotypes who’d fill these kinds of roles on the Thames. For example following our storyboard the older generation would be on one side with the year they started working on the Thames, for example, 1974.

Then on the right side of the new generation - for example, a female in the current era i.e 2018. It would then move to a title of the job role, then at the lower half our one-liner “Creating New Traditions” will appear.

Following that, an animation of a rip in-between the two faces/two generations would appear.

The insight behind this is the pages relate to a book and we’re starting a new chapter of workers on the Thames.



These concept photos follow the same principles from our storyboard. It was about portraying a positive and motivating and diverse insight to the issue at hand. The images speak for themselves, the phrase “creating new traditions” carries a very powerful message. The images have been intentionally designed to attracted an audience in a very abrupt and direct manner, drawing them to the photo and hopefully into a career on the Thames.

TC Steel Fixer.jpg
TC Captain.jpg
Harry Wilson